New +LIFEGUARD Car Charger 2.1A Review


Love this car charger !
Small but powerful !

  • + IQ Technology: Now you can charger your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras and other cell phones, Tablets and USB devices with high speed using the +IQ USB jack.
    + Elegant: The +LIFEGUARD 2.1A Car Charger has an amazing design and color. You will love it and your friends will desire the +LIFEGUARD.
    + Powerful and Fast: This dual USB Car Charger can quick charge your device when you most need it. Let be surprised by +LIFEGUARD 2.1A Car Charger.
    + Lifetime Warranty: The +LIFEGUARD 2.1A Car Charger has a LIFETIME warranty and it carries the trustworthy +LIFEGUARD brand. You can count on the +LIFEGUARD customer service crew anytime and anywhere.
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  • My Review
  • I have to say that I was amazed when I first got this charger from lifeguard as it was way smaller then my other ones.
    It has held up and is a good solid quality in construction and it doesn’t take up the space that my old ones do.
    What more could you ask for right ?

    Well it doesn’t stick out as far as my old ones and that was a real plus as in the car the old one would be so big
    that it got knocked out when I reached for things… Not the case with Lifeguard charger !

    I also love that this little charger has the top port that will fast charge those devices that need more power !
    Great Feature… as some need more of a fast charge then others. I know with my HTC One Max and my Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
    this is the case, as well as my Kindle Fire HDX.

    Absolutely a Must Have !!!! You will love it !

    I received this charger for my honest and unbiased review.



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