Unfaithfulness !!!


Yes I have been unfaithful about keeping up with my blog and those I follow and I hope you will forgive me ?  It has been a hard time of adjustment for me.  Since last year in December my Dad was very ill due to his heart and his diabetes.  He had a quad bypass last December 2016 and It seems like ever since then things just went down hill.

My Dad passed away on May 25th, 2017, on my 53 Birthday !!!

That is why I have been away and not blogging here for so long. It has been a hard adjustment for me, harder then most know or I let on. Dad and I were very close. Friends and he was the Best Dad, always there for me, no matter what !

I am going to give it some prayer and time and see what the Lord leads me to do and what he wants me to share here…

Bare with me ok !

Love and Blessings



About Faithful Acres Body Soul Spirit

Born Again, Wife, Mamma, Grandmamma, Author, Artist, Life and Health Coach
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