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Help Us Save Our Home


This has been a 10-year battle to save our home from bank fraud. A battle that our lawyer believes we can win… The court has set the nominal undertaking at $7200 and that is hard for me to personally do on my own right now. As many of you know I am being a single mom and have disabilities due to an accident I had in 2001 that damaged my back and my neck. This has been our home for 13 years and really the only home my three youngest have known. So far the court has stopped the sale of our home 4 times and then ordered this stay on the foreclosure sale, but as per the law set this moderate undertaking required by law
when someone applies as a poor person to wave the fees for the filings. If they had set this as a monthly payment, I could have done this alone, but since they asked me to do a one lump sum, it’s far harder for me given my income and needing to pay bills.

Any funds raised would be used for this purpose and if we do not meet this goal, all money raised will be used for us to quickly find a new home as the house will be sold very soon. I have prayed and I am praying for answers and for a miracle. This last 3 year has been very hard on the children and I as we fight for our home and face losing it. Many of you already know our story over the years, but those of you who are new may not. Its been a struggle, but one I am not about to give into, to do so would be to me showing a lack of faith. All I know is my God is Able and I am standing…

I am and will always be thankful to anyone who is able to help us with this or our moving if this isn’t stopped.

You may donate personally by using my PayPal

Thank you for your love to us, words are not enough sometimes to express
how I feel and have felt over the years to those of you who have prayed and walked this out with me… Some have been such a blessing and encouragement in word and deed the last 10 years

Thank you

I’ve Been Accepted !

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Well at 50 years old and a solo parent, its sort of scary to be going back to college…

I have been accepted into Independence University’s Online Graphic Arts Program

to attain my AS in Graphic Arts and Web Design !  I got the word today that the Dean has

approved my application.  I will be applying for scholarships to try to not use the Federal

Student Loans I have been granted.  I will of course have Pell Grant, but that won’t cover much

compared to the cost of Tuition, Books, Laptop and all those things that go with attending college.

Well I can meet our monthly expenses, there are a few things I could use some help with and

I have set up fundraisers to try to meet those needs we have , if you or anyone you know could

bless us in this way, we would be so appreciative.  You can go to my Needed page on the top

menu or use my donate button on the right sidebar. Both are set up to go to my paypal account

so that I can easily access the funds and pay for those specific needs.

May the Lord bless you for any help you could be to us.


” Needed “

If you have any homeschool books you could donate to us for schooling or used laptops please email me at