“We All Make Mistakes”

“We All Make Mistakes”

Porch lights. They mark the night with their white-yellow glow. Some beckon. Some warn. Some burn to protect those on the inside from the shadows that lurk on the edges of the darkness.
For some, their porch lights shine like the star of hope against a cobalt sky. They bathe the night with their light and wash the sleeping home with quiet. All is well. All is bright.
There are a handful of porch lights that will never go out. They can’t. They went on one evening when that son or daughter stormed out into the thickness and blackness of the cold. The door slammed. The feet pounded across the wooden planks of the porch and then disappeared beyond the light’s half circle.
It’s been a long time. For some, months. Others, years. There are a few who have put a decade of running between them and that porch light. The prayers on the inside haven’t stopped. The hope might have fainted and faltered a few times, but it’s still there.
That’s why the light still burns…….and will keep burning. It’s a God thing. It’s a Redeemer thing. Grace-based homes are not homes without sin or regrets. They are just homes where, no matter what, you can’t be written off. They are homes where young and restless hearts are free to be different, vulnerable, and candid. They’re allowed to make mistakes. Huge ones sometimes. But because grace is inside, the front porch light will always glow outside.
Regardless of why they left, they can always come back. Regardless of where they went, they can always come home. And regardless of what they did, they can always come in.”

“Grace Based Parenting” by Dr. Tim Kimmel

She is Devotional with Carol McLeod ” Just Joy Ministries “

“She Is…” Devtional

Introducing A Brand New Devotional…

“She Is…”

Your mom story is different from anyone else’s because you … your life … and your children are unique.

You were created to mother the children that you have been given by the grandest Father of all!

Join us from May 1 – 10th, and discover that everything  that He is … you can be also as you travel the exciting, often times tempestuous, yet always fulfilling experience of motherhood!

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She Is a Warrior.  She is Tender. She is MOM!

REVIEWERS WANTED: The Best Dinner I Never Ate by Lori Prentice

REVIEWERS WANTED: The Best Dinner I Never Ate by Lori Prentice

Book cover

The Best Dinner I Never Ate by Lori Prentice

The Best Dinner I Never Ate is a true story about our family’s experiences with housing needy families and individuals in our own home. Over the last three years we have had these people live with us temporarily, and for free, so they can have a place to stay while saving up money for their own housing. These experiences have been teaching our family about what is truly necessary in our lives, and what it looks like to show God’s love to others. It has also taught us how making time for loving strangers and going out of our comfort zone can leave a lasting impact on a life.

One particular homeless guest we recently housed encouraged us to publish our story. So far it has been inspiring many in our local community, but we believe in the power of the ripple effect. We believe this lesson can be far-reaching and spread Christ’s message of love and selflessness beyond our small town.

We are very far from a perfect family – each of us is a work in progress in our own way. Though we have many areas where we look to others for inspiration, this is one example of being willing to reach out to the vulnerable, the strangers, and the forgotten, even when it makes life harder on us. Help us share our message of love and hope.

The Proceeds from the sale of this book are going to Victim Services and to help the homeless.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window…   I see lots of snow and our kittens from last year playing in it !
I am thinking…  When will the snow stop, It doesn’t seem to want to end.
I am thankful…   For the fire burning in the woodstove, A warm home to live and love in.
In the kitchen…  Lingers the Smell of BBQ chicken baked in the oven. The Dishes are done and put away !
I am wearing…  Blue Jeans and a long sleeved blue fleece shirt.
I am creating…  Blog entries and a new website for this year.
I am going…  To reach to meet my personal goals this year.
I am wondering…  When will I hear from Wesley James about Logan his new son !
I am reading…  Dare To Love Again by Julie Lessman
I am hoping…  That someday we can go south again to TN or TX, I have never been to TX.
I am looking forward to…  Meeting my newest grandson Logan James Officer
I am learning… To quilt better and more crochet stitches.
Around the house…  I am organizing all my things, sewing, quilting, book related things.
I am pondering…  Making the quilt for Wesley and Cora Lee and another for Baby Logan
A favorite quote for today…   Finally my Brethren, whatsoever things are true…
One of my favorite things…  Vanilla , Banana, Strawberry , Yogurt Smoothies
A few plans for the rest of the week:  Note all book blog tours and facebook author parties in my calander. Work on the new website.
A peek into my day…  Today was busy with Cleaning and Laundry. Hope 10 seems the most willing to help me with things. She did all the dishes and swept floors too.  I enjoyed Caramel Drizzle coffee w/ french vanilla creamer and my daily smoothie !  DH Mark and I talked about our plans for this year.  Tonight I just want to lay down and drift into sweet sleep and awake tomorrow fresh and ready to serve the Lord by serving my family , whatever we decide to do.