~ Lin, it’s not about you, it’s about Jesus in you ! ~

Well that is what my DH said to me 13 years ago and I cannot tell you how profound a statement it was in my life then and still is today.  He was asking me to write a devotional for women for our website, that later I turned into a blog called “Women Professing Godliness”.  When he asked me to write this,I didn’t feel like I had it all together.  I had been through so much in life that I wasn’t ready to share with anyone. I was still going through so many things and working through it.  My mind thought “How could Father God use me to help others?” When still needed help myself.  Well, I still need his help today, but those things that he was brought me through, those things I want to share with you and with anyone who the Lord tells me to share this with. So, who is Linda Marie Finn and what is Faithful Acres ?

As I write this, I  turned 50 this year of 2014! I am wife to Mark, Mamma to Seven wonderfully talented children (Amanda, Brittany, Wesley, Michael, Faith, Hope and Daniel) and Grandmamma to 7 wonderful grandchildren (Becca, Madison, Lizzie, John, Isaac, Marlena and my newest grandbaby Logan and a new grandbaby end of Jan 2015). Each child is true blessing in my life.  I cannot wait to have more!  I am a friend to all those who desire that relationship with me and I am so much more then that…  I am also the oldest of 7; I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers.  My parents live about 15 miles from me here in rural New York state.  My sibling’s live in many places, NY, PA, MD, and AR. I always wish we were closer but we each have our own calling.  Anyway, all roads lead home!

For most of my life I grew up here in Central, Rural New York State. In a small town named Cato.  It has a sweet rural charm to it.  Today, I live just outside the small town of Red Creek, New York. We live on a small property that used to be a big farm. The farmland still surrounds us. There is said to be 120 acres and it can mostly be seen here across the road from me. It is crop land for mostly hay and some soybeans. I am thankful for the sweet country rolling land around me.  I love wide open spaces.

I am truly a country girl at heart. They say that you can take the girl out of the country, but you cannot take the country out of the girl and they are so right.  I grew up spending a lot of time at my grandparents’ farm growing up and I love everything country.  I also have a very girly feminine side that loves Victorian things. If it is Roses, Lace or Tea themed, that is me.  Yet if it is Herbs, Roosters, Apples or Old Tins, that is me also. I love antiques.  I take much pleasure in the joy of old time things.

Today, I have a desire to share all those things I love with you, including my love of reading. Reading can take you places that you have never been. One phrase, One Word can change a person’s heart and life…  This year, I decided to begin to write a book or many books to share with others those things that have touched my heart deeply. I am a reader, a writer, an artist in many forms. When I was young I loved to paint and draw. Today, I still love those things and I also love to Quilt, Crochet, and I am becoming a fiber junkie.  I am learning to spin and it is relaxing and feeds peace to my heart. I also love herbs and all things herbal for natural healing.  Anything that you truly love to do should feed your spirit and bring you great joy.

I love to read much, my favorite genres are Christian Fiction, Prairie Fiction, Settling of the West, Amish Fiction, Non Fiction Devotionals, Health, Herbal, and anything creative in those areas I enjoy. I will sometimes read and review a book that is outside these areas for a friend. Suspense doesn’t usually catch my eye but I will tell you that this past year there are a few that have caught my eye big time.  So you may even find me sharing a mystery or two.  Funny thing is as a girl, I read some Alfred Hitchcock and Sherlock Holmes. I grew up reading The Sugar Creek Gang and Little House on the Prairie.

I also love to Bake, Garden, Canning, Sewing, Quilting, Creating Fancy Things ( today it’s called Shabby Chic) I call it Feminine. I love to Spin Fiber, Crochet, I can knit but it’s not my favorite. I love to Read, Write Poetry and Write Fiction and Non Fiction.  I like to Draw, Paint and I love Interior Decorating.  I say often that I am a simple country girl! DH says that I am too complex to be simple.

So what do you enjoy?  What brings your heart joy? What brings you peace? Share with me !




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